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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Choice Neighborhoods?
Choice Neighborhoods is a program of the Obama Administration through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to change troubled neighborhoods into safe and thriving communities that offer high quality schools, services and housing. The Plan to improve the Marina Vista and Alder Grove public housing developments and the surrounding neighborhood will be developed over the next two years. The Plan will be developed in partnership with residents and other stakeholders, like local businesses, to create the best plan that is right for the community.
What is the Resident Needs Assessment Survey? Why Did You Need to Complete it?
To create the right plan for the community, we need to hear from you. We need to know what you think about where you live, what challenges you face, and what your concerns are. The Resident Needs Assessment Survey will let us know what you think needs to be improved or changed, as well as what you personally need to achieve your goals for yourself and for your family. Information from the anonymous surveys is critical to developing the right plan for the neighborhood.
Will Residents be Required to Move From Their Units? And if so, When?
The planning process has just begun for the Marina Vista and Alder Grove communities. As part of the planning process, we will be studying options that include renovation of existing homes as well as new construction. In either case, we anticipate that residents will need to move from their units to allow construction to take place. The timing and length of move will depend on the final plan that is adopted. Once the plan is done, the SHRA and its partners will need to seek funding to implement the plan. No one will be moved from their unit for at least 2 years. If residents do need to be moved, all residents will be given at least a 6-month notice and provided a full range of relocation services, including counseling, to help you determine the best housing for you and your family.
If I Get Moved, Can I Move Back to Marina Vista/Alder Grove in the Future?
Yes. All current Marina Vista and Alder Grove residents that remain in good standing with SHRA will have first priority to move back to a new or renovated housing unit in the neighborhood once construction is complete. Under Choice Neighborhoods, all 742 public housing units currently at Marina Vista and Alder Grove will be replaced with another equally affordable housing unit.
What Will the New Housing Look Like? What Amenities Will be Included?
We do not know at this time. As a part of the planning process, the Choice Neighborhoods Housing Task Force will look at different housing options and what amenities are most important to residents.
Will the Plan include Recreational and Educational Opportunities for Youths and Teens?
Yes. The Choice Neighborhoods People Task Force will look at what recreational and educational programs are needed for young children through young adults in the community.
Will We See More Local Shopping/Dining Options?
Yes, but first, we must understand what businesses, services and amenities are missing from the neighborhood that residents want. The Choice Neighborhoods Neighborhood Task Force will then develop a plan to bring those desired businesses, services and amenities to the neighborhood and/or make improvements to existing services.
Where Can I Get More Information Regarding Choice Neighborhoods?
Please visit SHRA’s website: www.SHRA.org; click on “Housing”, then “Choice Neighborhoods Initiative”. Or by clicking here.
How Can I Get More Involved in the Choice Neighborhoods Planning Process?
Complete a “Resident Participation Opportunities” Form available from the CNI Resident Ambassador or at the main office. You will be contacted regarding upcoming opportunities to get involved ranging from being a Task Force Member to participating in community meetings.