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Community Events

Community events and tours are comprised of Residents of Marina Vista, Alder Grove, and Upper Land Park as well as SHRA, the City of Sacramento, the developer team, local stake holders, and other partner organization.

Draft Transformation Plan
May 04, 2015
Design team presented the Draft Transformation Plan to the community that incorporated the neighborhood, people, and housing goals and strategies.
First Draft - Site Plan Review
March 21, 2015
Design team presented the first draft site plan that incorporates the community planning process and the guiding principles.
Site Plan Density
March 04, 2015
Design team reviewed the consolidated community preferred site plan and presented information regarding the proposed density and examples of projects with similar densities.
Site Plan Alternatives
January 24, 2015
Residents, neighbors, and community members convened to review, comment and provided their preferences on the community designed site plan alternatives
Pueblo Del Sol Tour
January 10, 2015
About 30 participants toured a successful multi-phased mixed income housing community in East Los Angeles.
Site Planning Principals & Overview
December 06, 2014
Design team presented and discussed site planning principles. Using these principles as well as the synthesized guiding principles, attendees participated in hands on exercise designing several conceptual site plan alternatives
Communitywide Visioning Event #2
November 01, 2014
Attendees reflected on the prior community meeting’s visioning effort and participated in refining the guiding principles to help shape the future of Marina Vista Alder Grove and the greater Upper Land Park-Broadway neighborhood.
Communitywide Visioning Event #1
September 03, 2014
Discussed the vision for the future of Marina Vista, Alder Grove and greater Upper Land Park-Broadway neighborhood through a visioning exercise and created an initial set of guiding principles
CNI Community Meeting
August 07, 2014
Presented an overview of the Choice Neighborhood Planning Initiative
Housing Examples Bus Tour
June 21, 2014
Toured several different market rate and affordable multi-family housing communities around the Sacramento area
Community Kick-Off Meeting
March 24, 2014
Introduction and overview to the Choice Neighborhood Initiative planning grant and how the transformation plan will be prepared

Committees &
Task Forces

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)
Comprised of representatives from the neighborhood associations, Marina Vista and Alder Grove, and Broadway area businesses, the CAC will provide input on the overall process and plan as it developes
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Neighborhood Task Force
Led by the City of Sacramento Planning Department, the Neighborhood Task Force is responsible for assessing current neighborhood conditions, identifying key assets and deficiencies of community amenities, and developing neightborhood initiatives to address challenges and build upon existing and future opportunities.
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Housing Task Force
Led by Related California, the Housing Task Force will address the redevelopment of the Marina Vista and Alder Grove sites into a high-quality and sustainable mixed-income community, taking into account the need to replace one-for-one all the public housing units either on-site, in the neighborhood, or in the other communities of opportunity.
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People Task Force
Led by Mercy Housing California, the People Task Force consists of three sub-committees- education, health, and economic development. The sub-committees are focused on determining the unmet needs of area residents, identifying available resources, and planning for provision of programs and services to address these needs into the future.
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