Upper Land Park - Broadway
Planning Initiative

The Upper Land Park - Broadway Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) is a comprehensive community-based planning effort aimed at creating a vibrant new community within and surrounding the Marina Vista & Alder Grove properties.

This two-year planning process will result in a Transformation Plan to guide the evolution of the Upper Land Park-Broadway planning area into a community of opportunity. In addition to the physical redevelopment of Marina Vista and Alder Grove, the CNI planning effort includes potential improvements to the surrounding neighborhood: the Broadway commercial corridor, Miller Park and the Marina, The Docks, and the peaceful Upper Land Park residential area.

The goal is to create a community-driven Transformation Plan that will serve as a roadmap for transforming the planning area into a sustainable, mixed-income community with improved linkages to services, public amenities, transportation, and employment opportunities.

The CNI planning process is organized around three core themes - neighborhood, housing, and people.
Enhance access to amenities and services (high-quality schools, vibrant commercial zones, and expanded public transportation options) and improve community safety throughout the CNI planning area.

Strengthen connections between neighborhood residents and grow the sense of community within the planning area.
Reimagine the distressed Marina Vista and Alder Grove properties as high-quality, environmentally- sustainable mixed-income communities that is physically and socially integrated with the surrounding neighborhoods.
Increase access to supportive services, promote excellence in educational opportunities for children and their families, facilitate access to health programs and resources, and foster additional employment opportunities for residents at Marina Vista & Alder Grove.

Planning Schedule

Spring 2014

> Kick-off Planning Process

> Initiate Resident Needs Assessment

Summer 2014

> Identify Resident and Neighborhood Priorities

> Initiate Community Needs Survey

Fall 2014

> Create Vision Grounded in Community Input

Winter 2014/2015

> Develop and Test Strategies

> Identify Plan Options

> Review and Test Plan Options

Spring 2015

> Identify Preferred Plan

> Assess Financial Feasibility

> Submit Draft Transformation Plan to HUD

Summer 2015

> Finalize Transformation

Fall 2015

> Submit Final Transformation Plan to HUD